Who makes your friction material?

The majority of friction material we use is manufactured by Marathon Brake Systems. Marathon is one of the most respected names in the heavy duty brake industry..

We also use the Cobreq line of products from the TMD Friction Group. The TMD Friction Group has 15 sites in eleven countries and rates among the world's leading producers of brake friction material.

What is "Rust Jacking"?

"Rust Jacking" is an industry term that identifies the result of corrosion between the steel brake shoe and the friction material or lining. Corrosion of the steel shoe causes it to expand in a wafer type formation. The corrosion literally raises or "Jacks" the lining away from the shoe cracking the lining. "Rust Jacking" almost always results in an unserviceable core. Vehicles that go five or more years between brake jobs due to lack of use are the most susceptible.

The cause of the corrosion is either very long and constant exposure to moisture or moderate exposure to Sodium Chloride (salt) or Magnesium Chloride both of which are used on public roads in most states for ice removal. Magnesium Chloride is especially corrosive because it's in liquid form so it penetrates even the smallest cracks in almost everything. Many bridges employ an automatic de-icing system that sprays Magnesium Chloride on the surface whenever the temperature is below freezing so it's virtually unavoidable. Magnesium Chloride has even been known to attack Stainless Steel and Chrome. When Magnesium Chloride finds its' way between the steel brake shoe and the friction material, it WILL cause severe corrosion and "Rust Jacking".

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